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How to Join the Alliance

Our Vision

  • We are a local alliance who have understanding and experience of the challenges of everyday school life. Making a difference to children’s school lives is at the heart of our ethos.
  • Our vision is underpinned by the following core values
    • Learning – we are all committed to learning from each other
    • Support – we are all committed to support and to resource each other and helping staff grow in confidence
    • Open – we are willing to discuss our difficulties and challenges
    • Engagement – all partners will contribute to the alliance

Benefits of joining the alliance

  • The Wolstonbury Teaching School Alliance design their own training program to meet the needs of the schools within the Alliance
  • Excellent staff are offered the chance to develop mentoring skills and develop professionally
  • Sharing skills creates good practise between schools, plus a recognition that we can all learn from one another
  • Teaching schools offer opportunities for universities to work more closely with schools

If you would like to join our alliance or would like more information please contact aludnow@wtsa.education

“It (ie. the teaching alliance) means that we can develop teachers at the right time, and that will bring a real robustness to education.”

Andy Squires from Denbigh Teaching School Alliance (source; The Telegraph)